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Millions of people have been laid off because of the coronavirus. Individuals and families are struggling to make ends meet during shutdowns and social distancing restrictions. Our Anthem bankruptcy attorneys understand that many of our clients and friends are experiencing difficult financial circumstances. We want to help answer some of the common questions about coronavirus layoffs in Anthem and provide some helpful information about services and programs in Arizona.

What is the Difference Between Being Laid Off and Being Furloughed?

If an employee is laid off, the employee’s job with the company terminates. The employer does not anticipate rehiring the employee. On the other hand, a furlough is a temporary absence from work. The employee is typically not paid during a furlough, but the employer expects to bring the employee back at a future date. The employee should return to work in the same position and at the same pay rate.

How Does the CARES Act Help Me If I Am Unemployed Because of the Coronavirus?

The CARES Act had numerous provisions to help Americans as we deal with COVID-19. For workers, the Act extends unemployment benefits for an additional 13 weeks. It also adds $600 per week to the amount of compensation paid by the state.

Under the provisions of the Act, part-time workers, gig workers, self-employed individuals, and independent contractors may now be eligible for unemployment benefits.

How Do I File Unemployment in Anthem, AZ?

Claims for unemployment benefits may be filed online with the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES). The department has detailed information available on its website regarding who may be eligible for benefits and how to apply for the benefits.

Am I Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

You may be denied unemployment benefits if you do not meet the standard requirements to receive benefits. If your employer fired you for cause, you are typically not entitled to receive unemployment benefits.

If you receive a denial of benefits, ask for a written explanation of the reason for the denial. Review the notice carefully and make a note of any deadlines and procedures for filing an appeal.

Contact an attorney to discuss your options as soon as possible to avoid missing the deadline to appeal. The denial could be a matter of miscommunication with your employer and the DES. You may also want to check with your employer to ensure that your employer notified the DES you were laid off, not fired.

How Can I Pay My Bills If I Am Laid Off or Unemployed?

Paying bills during the COVID-19 pandemic can be challenging. The federal government issued an automatic forbearance on federal student loans through September 2020. If you have other student loans, contact the lender to inquire about forbearance or deferral of payments.

You may also want to contact your mortgage company, landlord, creditors, and service providers to discuss options for delaying or reducing payments. Many companies are working with individuals to help them pay what they can afford while having enough money for basic living needs.

The Arizona Department of Housing has information and resources on its website for tenants and homeowners who are struggling to pay rent and mortgage payments. You can also find a great deal of information about resources and assistance available for Arizona residents on the website for 2-1-1 Arizona.

Should I Contact an Anthem Bankruptcy Lawyer?

For individuals who have been laid off or may not qualify for unemployment benefits, the financial hardship caused by the pandemic may worsen. A bankruptcy filing might provide the debt-relief necessary to continue providing for basic needs.

If you are struggling, contact our Anthem bankruptcy lawyers for a free case review. Because you have been out of work or receiving a reduced income, you may qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, which can provide debt relief quickly and affordably.

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