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Our team of professionals will stand by you, start to finish. We can help you through all Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings.

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Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers with 602 Law Group represent individuals and spouses needing immediate, permanent relief from out-of-control debts. We can help you through all Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings.Our team of professionals will stand by you, start to finish. By filing for bankruptcy relief, harassing phone calls from debt collectors will stop. Threatening letters demanding payment will stop. Judgment liens, creditor lawsuits, foreclosures, garnishment proceedings, and repossessions will stop, too.

Why Choose Us?

Finding the best bankruptcy lawyer for you and your family is a big step. Choose 602 Law Group if you believe truth, integrity, and trust in your attorney are essential.

  • Choose us if you believe your bankruptcy lawyer should be experienced, effective, and responsive to every legal situation raised in the case.
  • Choose us if you need protection from debt collectors and creditors.
  • Choose us if you believe, as we do, that the right to be free of overburdening debt has both constitutional and biblical origins.

Client Focused

We are a client-focused law firm. Everything we do is purposeful, intended to bring home the best possible outcome for our clients. By providing tailored bankruptcy solutions, we assist families through their struggles for results that are positive, meaningful, even life-changing.

We are truthful about keeping assets and clearing away debts. We get things done right. Every member of the legal team is prepared to provide outstanding customer service. When you call, we answer. When you email, we respond. When you need to talk directly with your lawyer, we make it happen. Our goal is to achieve our clients’ objectives while saving them time and money. We use technology to deliver that cost-effective high-quality legal representation.

We Genuinely Care About You and Your Family

We are a full-service Arizona bankruptcy law firm handling Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases, exclusively. 602 Law Group is an accredited Arizona business with the BBB and has an A+ rating. Our clients are married and unmarried, working and disabled, widowed and retired, and everything in between. These are regular people whose economic well-being is jeopardized by consumer debts. Contact one of our Phoenix Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers or Phoenix Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney today.

The concern we have for the future of our clients and their families is genuine. We do everything in our power, use every tool in the toolbox, to get them immediate debt relief. We protect our clients’ rights and are prepared to aggressively litigate whenever necessary. If a client’s needs are extraordinary and immediate, then we can file an emergency petition with the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court. Results matter.

Compassionate Professionals

We believe each client deserves the best legal representation available, something our compassionate professionals rededicate themselves to each and every day. Our clients are always treated with respect. There is no blaming for past missteps, no finger-pointing. Our efforts are concentrated on making things better for clients. And on doing what it takes to put them back on solid financial ground. With our assistance, you, too, can successfully move forward with your life.

Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

We take our responsibilities seriously at 602 Law Group. The moment you walk through our door, we get to work making the bankruptcy experience easier for you. Starting with the initial consultation, your lawyer will be advising you at every step in the process. We complete the bankruptcy petition with you in our office. We’ll conduct the Chapter 7 means test. We explain your exemptions and filing options. Your lawyer will go over the documents needed to complete the petition – papers about student loans, domestic support orders, lawsuits, creditors, and more. You will learn what to do and what not to do.

Bankruptcy law is complex, but your lawyer will make things clear to you. Your lawyer will explain the § 341 Meeting of Creditors, the classes you must take, the schedules to complete, and the Chapter 13 plan, among other things. We also provide tips and recommendations for rebuilding your credit score after bankruptcy.

Take the First Step

Bankruptcy is not all numbers and accounts. It’s personal. It’s about family and overcoming hardship. There is a light at the end of tunnel with a fresh start for you and your loved ones. Call 602-562-5000 and talk to us.

We are a debt relief agency in Arizona. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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We are a client-focused law firm. Everything we do is purposeful, intended to bring home the best possible outcome for our clients.